2018 Podcast Opportunities And Updates

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities”

— Bruce Lee

2018 Podcast Preview-Full Of Opportunities

As 2017 comes to a close I’ve spent some time thinking about what changes/modifications I’d like to make to the podcast for 2018. After some thought I’ve come up with a few tweaks (but no major changes):

  • Take current mission and build upon it
  • Refocus to the importance of planning
    • Not about math
    • Discuss planning steps throughout year
    • Choices and opportunities
    • The future will happen, how will you deal with it?
    • What steps can you take now to prepare for later

The Fun Money Segment: Salt Encrusted Prime Rib

If you are scrambling to find the perfect Christmas Day (or any other special occasion) meal I might have the answer……Salt Encrusted Prime Rib!!! This is the single best prime rib recipe I have tried. It’s easy to make and will earn you lots of “wow, this is great!” comments from your family and friends.


  1. beef prime rib
  2. seasoning salt
  3. pepper
  4. coarse grain kosher pickling salt


  • Let prime rib warm up to room temp, season with a bit of salt/pepper
  • Coat prime rib in kosher salt (about 2-3 cups depending on size)
  • Set bbq/grill/oven to 250, insert thermometer probe into meat and set to 130 (medium rare)
  • Remove and cover with foil and let rest
  • Slice and enjoy!

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