Every Day Is Election Day-How Will You Vote To Spend Your Dollars

The 2018 mid-term elections are coming up very soon. It’s time to exercise our right to vote for the candidates or issues that we believe in. While political elections happen every year or so, a much more important election happens every single day, and that’s the decision of how you will vote to spend your […]

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Protect Your Digital Data

Protect Your Digital Data

All of us use computers every day. Because of that, the vast majority of our lives is stored in a mass of “1’s” and “0’s”. Here are some ideas to help you protect your digital data and make sure you don’t fall victim to a “digital meltdown”. Two Key Issues protecting your information from unauthorized […]

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Summer Financial Plan Review

Summer Financial Plan Update

  Ah, Summer! Time to kick back, relax on the beach, and enjoy a cold drink. While Summer is the perfect time to take some time off and relax it’s also the perfect time to do a quick financial plan review. What? You don’t have a financial plan? Well, in that case, Summer is a […]

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Announcing The Smart Money Great Life Video Series

Financial Clairty Partners presents Smart Money Greta Life

I believe that everyone should have access to unbiased financial information. To do that, I charge affordable fees for both financial planning and investment management, meaning almost anyone can take advantage of the benefits of true financial planning by working with me. But, I know that not everyone can work with me directly, so I […]

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3 Key Strategies To Reduce The Urge To Overspend

How to reduce the urge to overspend

You see something in your local electronics store, at Amazon or at the car dealer and you just have to have it…NOW! Welcome to 21st century consumer society, where the urge to overspend is everywhere. All we have to do is swipe the credit card or add it to our virtual shopping card. Bing, bang, […]

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Raise Your Spending Awareness To Increase Your Net Worth

raise your spending awareness

If you’re like most people, spending money is an almost automatic occurrence. Money comes in…and it goes out…all without a thought. Is it any wonder then that so many people have no idea where their money goes? This lack of spending awareness is one of the reasons that the average american has less than $4,000 […]

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Discover Your Financial Behaviors To Achieve Financial Success

Financial Behavior Discovery

When it comes to building a plan for financial success it’s important to make sure that you are following a process that helps you live your best life, not just get by. As I wrote about a few weeks ago the first step in any true financial plan should be to get a firm grasp on […]

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Reviewing Your Form W-4 After Tax Reform – Can You Increase Your Take Home Pay In 2018?

IRS Form W-4

Whew, you filed your taxes on April 15, just in time. Now you can kick back, relax and forget about the IRS until next April 14th, right? Not so fast! Despite the fact that you’d rather be thinking about Summer vacation than taxes, now is a great time to start planning for next year. Why? […]

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You Are The Chief Financial Officer of Your Own Life, Your Financial Planner Is A Consultant

financial planning

When it comes to your money, it’s important to remember that you are the Chief Financial Officer of your own life, not anyone else. It can be easy to outsource this responsibility to a financial advisor, but that is the wrong approach to take. By becoming your own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) you’re taking ownership […]

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Why A Financial Planning Framework Is So Important

steel framework

Creating a financial plan is something that can’t be done randomly. There are too many moving parts that need to be considered in a organized manner in order for a financial plan to be effective. There needs to be a financial planning framework in place that allows you to systematically work through all the components […]

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