Don’t Let Black Friday Put You Into The Red-FCP010

“Black Friday-When people trample each other to buy something on sale exactly one day after being thankful for everything they already have.”

— Unknown

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It’s The Holidays-Time To Shop!

Welcome to the holiday shopping season! That time of year when many usually logical and reasonable people lose their minds, go crazy, and shop til they drop, sometimes causing others to drop as they trample them to get the best “deal”.

Black Friday has been the traditional big day but other days added recently

  • Cyber Monday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Promotion of Black friday deals starts in September and many “pre-black friday” sales exist
  • Constant push to buy, buy, buy!
  • Forbes estimates that spending over the black friday weekend will increase almost 47% from last year, with average of $743 spent compared to $505 last year
  • Online/e-commerce spending as % of total is increasing by double digits each year
  • Cyber monday will be bigger than black friday in terms of online deals-workplace productivity will take a huge hit!

Easy to overspend over the holiday shopping season.

Your Black Friday Plan

  • Have a budget
    • Know what you can reasonably spend and don’t go over “just because”
    • Use an app or tool to help with budgeting
      • YNAB-$50/year, “zero-based” budgeting (every dollar a job)-This is the app we use to keep our budget and it works great for us.
      • Others- Mint,Mvelopes, Clarity, Quicken
    • Start saving this year for next year
  • Know what you want to purchase
    • Research, research, research
    • Use price or ad comparison websites like Google shopping
    • View Black Friday ads at sites like or to see what/where the deals are before shopping
    • Don’t fall for “Amazon always has the best price”-compare before buying

Interested In Your Spending Behaviors? Take Our Assessment To Find Out More

Spending Behavior Assessment.

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The Fun Money Segment-Having Fun Doing Absolutely Nothing

Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is the most fun thing we can do!

Life gets hectic, busy and stressful. Today’s world is full of to much to do and too little time to do it. Many times we feel that we have to be doing “something” in order to feel like we’re worthwhile. I know I’ve felt that way many times in the past, it’s easy to fall into the trap of always doing something.

Well, to break the cycle why not try do nothing? It’s surprisingly fun, relaxing and energizing. Just sitting in your own house listening to music, reading, or even meditating can all be great ways to have fun doing nothing.

  • Schedule nothing
  • Put yourself in time out
  • Turn off the outside world
  • 10-15 minutes is all that it takes (but feel free to spend more time)

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