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The Bridge To Your Ideal Life

Plan Now For The Future You Want To Achieve

One of the best things you can do for you and your family's future is to construct and follow your own customized financial plan.

Here at Financial Clarity Partners, we believe that everybody deserves access to independent, fiduciary financial planning. That's why we offer financial planning services that you can use at any point in life. No matter if you want an in-depth review of a specific aspect of your finances or you want to develop a customized plan that addresses your entire financial life, we've got you covered!

Client Focused Customized Planning

No matter which financial planning service you use, you will be part of the process. We use an accessible collaborative planning process that allows you to view your plan at any time, from any device. In addition, our behavior-based approach to planning helps you gain the insight you need to make your plan your's, increasing the odds of success.  

Areas Covered

Financial planning covers the following areas. Depending on which financial planning service (one time or ongoing) you use, we will address one or more of them as part of your plan:

  • Cash Flow Planning (Debt Management, Emergency Funding, Spending Optimization)
  • Insurance And Employee Benefits 
  • Investment Planning
  • Goal Planning (Retirement, College, Major Purchase, etc.)
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

ongoing financial planning

When you choose our ongoing financial planning service we work with you to build a comprehensive, custom tailored financial plan that reflects your values, maximizes your current situation and offers a framework for meeting you long term goals and dreams. Once your plan is built we work together over time to systematically implement the steps needed to move you to your goals.

For most clients, a typical first year of planning will consist of the following items:

  • Introductory meeting to determine scope of planning required.
  • Initial data gathering and financial behavior assessments.
  • Planning review meeting to verify information and make sure everyone is on the same page.
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    Financial plan review meeting to finalize the plan, set initial objectives and make recommendations. 
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    Mid year plan review meeting.
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    Ongoing guidance, support and followup as needed to help keep you on track, motivated and accountable.
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    Secure, online access to all your financial planning information.

After the initial year, the number of planning meetings will vary depending on each client's needs, but typically occur once or twice. In addition to the formal meetings, continuous, ongoing support and follow up will take place throughout the year as will online access to your plan and related documents. 


‚ÄčOur pricing is based on the overall complexity of your plan, and is composed of an initial fee and ongoing monthly fee. The initial fee starts as low as $200 and the monthly ongoing fee starts at $25. Our competitive pricing allows us to provide a high level of service to a wide variety of people. Please see our ADV Part 2 for more information. 

One-time financial planning

Our one-time financial planning service is designed to give you the same unique collaborative, behavior-based planning process that our ongoing financial planning clients receive, just on a limited basis. You can choose one time comprehensive planning, or hourly planning.


If you would like a complete and total review of your financial life, but don't need the ongoing support, coaching and accountability checks of our ongoing planning, our one-time comprehensive planning is for you.

We will cover all the areas of your financial life, analyzing the opportunities and challenges you are facing. We will then work with you to establish realistic goals and objectives. The plan will provide you with specific strategies and action items you will be able to use to make progress towards your goals to help you realize the life you've always dreamed about.


This is for when you have things pretty much in order, but you want to get some specific advice on an issue or two.

These questions can be anything that comes up that is unexpected or not part of your usual financial picture:

  • You want some help understanding how to get the most out of your benefits package.
  • You are looking for some tips on how best to reduce your student loan debt.
  • You want to know if you're on track for retirement, and what changes you can make to get there if you're not.
  • You just got a raise at work (great!) and want to figure out the best way to prioritize your new income.
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    A loved one passed away, leaving you an inheritance. You want to talk with a professional about how best to use those funds.

Whichever one-time planning option you take you will have the ability to apply the fee for your planning 100% towards our comprehensive, ongoing planning service.


Comprehensive One Time Planning: Pricing is based on the overall complexity of your plan, with rates starting at $400. If you choose to continue working with us under our Ongoing Financial Planning services within 30 days of completion of your one time plan, we will credit the fees paid for planning services towards the initial planning fee portion of the Ongoing Financial Planning service

Hourly Planning: $200 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments, with a 1 hour ($200) minimum. Includes meeting, a written list of follow up steps, and follow-up email support. If you choose to continue working with us as part of the Comprehensive, Ongoing Financial Planning services within 30 days of completion we will credit the fees paid for hourly planning services towards the initial planning fee portion of the Ongoing Financial Planning service.