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Here are some typical questions people have when they are deciding whether to work with us. If you don't see your particular question you can always contact us to get the answer.

Our typical client is someone (individual or family) who is not flashy or concerned about how "rich" they appear to others. They are motivated to share important information, define what their values, priorities and goals are and work collaboratively to make the changes necessary to meet those goals. They are comfortable using technology to better their lives. Most of our clients are not what would be considered "high net worth" (net worth of 1 million or more) but they definitely do believe in "high value financial planning"!
Yes, Financial Clarity Partners, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor and Mark Sinderson is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. At both of these levels we are obligated to act as a fiduciary.
Because traditional "brick and mortar" offices are expensive! By utilizing technology we are able to offer quality financial planning services without the high overhead costs of a physical office. Plus, you don't have to worry about fighting traffic to come to our office for a meeting. We typically meet with you virtually by phone, email, or video conference. This makes our services more affordable meaning we can help more people from all across the country.
Bottom line, we listen. So, before "running the numbers" we take the time to understand you and your financial values, behaviors & goals. We develop an ongoing relationship with you based on working together to achieve your goals. We don't just give you a large financial plan to implement on your own and move on the the next client.
We don’t have a crystal ball that predicts the future. We believe that a low-cost, diversified, risk adjusted asset allocation along with consistency and self-discipline works best in the long run.
What would you think if your Dr. or Auto Mechanic did not request payment for service? You'd probably wonder what they were hiding, right? Well, many advisors do the same thing with financial planning. They give away the plan and hope that they make up their cost of planning by charging commissions or selling you a product at the end. Instead of giving you a "free" financial plan, we charge a reasonable upfront and ongoing monthly fee for our services that covers our costs and gives us a fair profit. If you want to utilize our investment management or insurance services we'll be happy to work with you but it's not a requirement.
We're proud to say that we strictly enforce a "No Minimum Assets Required" policy. You’re busy growing your life, family, and career and you may not yet have a lot of investable assets. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to a good advisor. We’re here to grow with you.
If you’re not ready to put some effort into your financial future, this won’t work. The planning process needs to be a partnership. The first few months take a lot of work on our part (and yours!). We’ll need to have regular communication and progress to set up a path for success. If you’re not comfortable using technology to manage your financial life we're probably not going to be a good fit. If you’re looking for a swanky office with espresso machines, fancy artwork and jargon – we’re not your firm. Also, If you want your advisor to pick stocks, day trade or predict the future of the markets - we’re not that guy.
  • The security of your information is our priority. We use file encryption and two-factor authentication whenever possible. By operating with web-based software we are able to take advantage of secure file storage and access systems. Any data that is stored locally is synced with a cloud-based file syncing tool. The vast majority of business and client data is held by the following providers. You can click the name to go to their security policies. RightCapital, Wealthbox, LastPass, Google Apps, DocuSign, AdvicePay, TD Ameritrade

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