Money: Just A Tool To Build The Life We Want

When it comes to money and it’s place in our lives, many of us have it all backwards. We focus so much on the money and how we can get more of it that we forget what the money is really for. Money is just a tool we can use to build the life we want to live. By focusing on our life first, instead of our money, we increase the odds that we will be happy and successful not just now, but for the rest of our lives.

Just A Tool

In a perfect world everyone would view money for what it really is, a tool. Unfortunately, today’s society places too much of an emphasis on the money itself, leading people to believe that the answer to a happy life is more money. The result of this money first emphasis is many people spend their entire working lives focusing on how to make more and more money instead of figuring out how to live the best life possible with the money they already have. I’m not saying that money isn’t important. Money is very important…BUT…money is just a tool, not the solution. Use money as a tool to help you live the life you want to live. And, you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to have a happy life. With proper planning and execution on the plan, you can have a very satisfying and happy life without needing to be a multi-millionaire.

Reality Check Time

We often tell ourselves that we have plenty of time and we’ll get to do the things we want “someday” (after we get more money). Here are three realities we all face when it comes to life:

  1. Life is not a rehearsal
  2. Precious time is slipping away
  3. The older you get the faster it goes

Given these realities, doesn’t it make sense to work on building the best life that you can today with the money you already have? While money is important, we shouldn’t ignore our life just because we don’t have all the money we think we need. Instead, we should take the time to really discover who we are and what we truly want our lives to be. Then, and only then, should we consider what choices we should make with our money.

As we move through life we may have access to more money and we can then make the decision on what we want to use that money for. Until then, make the most of the life you have now by building and executing on your own life-centered financial plan. I’ve seen plenty of examples over my career as a financial planner of people greatly improving the quality of their life by doing nothing more than prioritizing what’s most important to them…no additional money required!

Help Is Available

Building and acting on a financial life plan takes work. While many people have the time, motivation and energy to do it on their own, many do not. That’s where working with an experienced professional comes in. If you would like some help building your own financial plan or would like a second opinion on anything related to your financial life, I’d be honored to speak with you. You can contact me by sending an email to or visiting our website at and clicking the link for the “Contact Us” page. Or, if you want to speak with me directly, go ahead and give me a call at 678-626-7526 and we can discuss your needs and determine if my services might be a match.

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