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Announcing The Smart Money Great Life Video Series

I believe that everyone should have access to unbiased financial information. To do that, I charge affordable fees for both financial planning and investment management, meaning almost anyone can take advantage of the benefits of true financial planning by working with me. But, I know that not everyone can work with me directly, so I wanted to come up with a way to share useful financial information with a wider audience. To do that I have decided to add videos as a way to reach a wider audience with the message of how to have the life you want by taking control of your money.

Now On Video

This new series of videos will be called “Smart Money, Great Life”. I chose this name because I think it reflects just how important it is to make smart money decisions. Whether you are just starting to build your financial life, in the middle of it, trying to juggle everything that comes with raising a family & building a career, approaching retirement or already retired, money impacts everything we do. The decisions we make about money and how we use money in our lives can have a dramatic impact on the quality of our life. As a Financial Planner I help people build a plan for their future that reflects their unique values, needs, goals and dreams. This video series is designed to help you make smart money decisions that will increase the odds that you can live the life you want to live, whether you are working with a financial planner or not.

Timely And Relavent Content

Each Smart Money, Great Life videos will provide tips, tools and information that you can use to make the most of your money now so you can have the life you want later. The topics covered will come from several areas:

  • My own experiences, successes (and failures) as I worked through how best to manage my money and my life.
  • Specific situations I have come across in my experience as a financial planner.
  • Current topics/news in the financial/investing/business press

And last, but certainly not least…

  • Questions or comments that you submit directly to me. I would really enjoy the opportunity to answer questions that you have so please let me know if there’s anything you would like to see me address in these videos. As long as it is something that is related to money, financial planning, personal finance, etc. I’ll be happy to discuss it and give my perspective. Obviously, I can’t give any specific advice in these videos so please contact me directly if you would like to speak with me about your own personal situation.

Information You Can Use

My plan is to keep these videos relatively short and easily digestible by focusing on one key topic at a time. The goal is to present the topic, make you think just a little about your own situation and how the particular topic may apply to it, and then give you some suggested ideas and resources you can use to take action in your own life.

These videos are not meant to provide specific advice, only helpful information, tips and education. I only provide advice to my clients that work with as a fiduciary. So, before you make any decisions or take any actions regarding your money or financial life after watching this or any other video on the internet, make sure to speak with your legal advisor, your tax advisor, or your financial advisor.

Contact And Connect

If you have ever thought about working with a financial planner or would like a second opinion on anything related to your financial life, I’d be honored to speak with you. You can contact me by sending an email to or visiting our website at and clicking the link for the “Contact Us” page.

That’s it for this brief introduction of the  “Smart Money…Great Life” videos. Please subscribe, comment, like and share this video to help spread the word. Stay tuned for the next episode where we’ll talk about one thing you might want to be doing this Summer besides just sitting on a beach sipping a drink.

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