workplace financial wellness

Empower Your Employees

Helping Employees Maximize Their Money

Financial stress is one of the biggest obstacles to employee productivity and business profitability. If you are a business owner, executive or other key employee looking to offer an innovative and effective new benefit to your employees, our workplace financial wellness program might be the answer.

The program is designed to help your employees decrease their financial stress by providing access to financial planning delivered by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. The program helps your employees take control of their personal finances. By helping empower your employees financially, your organization will improve talent retention rates, increase worker productivity, and grow participation in your organization’s employee benefit programs.

Our innovative collaborative planning portal and employee financial education resources will empower your employees to confidently manage and participate in their financial lives.

Empowering Employees In The Following Areas

  • Fully understand and utilize the valuable benefits made available to them by their employers
  • How to build positive financial behaviors
  • Setting effective financial goals
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    Cash flow & budgeting
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    How to build emergency savings
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    Debt reduction strategies
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    Planning for retirement
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    Insurance needs
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    Proper investment allocations


Our workplace financial wellness program is customized to reflect the unique needs of each company and its employees. In most cases, there is an initial program set-up fee (paid by the employer) of between $200 and $1500, and ongoing monthly per/employee fee of $25-$60. The ongoing monthly per/employee fee can be paid either by the employer or by the individual employees via payroll deduction or direct billing.